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vastwars Best Strategy Game

Become the New Legend of Your country. Fight against other countries! Fight for your country, Fight for your justice

Vast Wars is a text-based browser game based on crime and criminal gangs. The objective of the game is to build your town into a criminal empire and train your crime lord to become a powerful leader through various activities such as gym training and sabotage.
The game features plenty of tasks and missions that are time-based to complete, offering rewards, experience and cash for you to advance your character. The game has a lot of players from different countries, and takes into consideration which country you play from which can lead to balance issues.
While the graphics are dated and the gameplay can feel repetitive, Vast Wars is still a decent crime browser game that is easy to learn and can offer small bursts of fun for those looking for a game to sink time into.

➔ Main points:

  • Text-based crime browser game that is easy to learn and play
  • Offers good fun in short bursts
  • Good use of real images
  • Large player base and big community

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Becoming The Don

Vast Wars is a text-based browser game that lets you become your own Don of your city, which thrives on crime, theft and violence. In Vast Wars, it's every man and woman for themselves and their selected country, so there is no love loss between players and gangs. The objective of the game is to build your city into the biggest crime ring, while advancing your character to become the number one criminal in the world.
When players first start out, they are given several questions to determine what type of crime lord they want to be, and can choose between an evil crime lord, a corrupt police official or a cut-throat businessman. Each will have their own perks so pick wisely.

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