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Buy Any thing and get A Refund From the Best Paribus

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Join The Best and get your money Back Via Paribus

Paribus gets you cash back when you shop online, effortlessly.  Link your mailbox and Paribus will track the prices of what you bought, and actually get you the cash you're owed from the retailers directly. 

Stores could owe you money. We're gonna get it for you. Sign up for Paribus and find out if stores owe you a refund - effortlessly! Paribus watches for price drops at stores with price adjustment policies. These policies are independent of Paribus and subject to change.
Sign up for free. Connect your mailbox to let the Paribus Receipt Fetcher identify purchases
Shop normally. Paribus works in the background to monitor for opportunities to get money back.
Save automatically. Whenever you’re eligible, Paribus files price adjustment claims on your behalf and you keep 100% of the savings.
The Paribus team brings years of experience in advanced data structures and algorithms, data security and privacy, consumer advocacy, and retail sales. We used to help Fortune 500 companies solve their complex optimization problems. Now, we're out to unleash powerful technology for shoppers everywhere to use.

  • Paribus has identified more than $6.5 million in potential savings.
  • Paribus users in 2016 were more than twice as likely to overpay on clothing than on electronics.
  • Paribus users who saved on laptops in the last year received an average refund of $35
  • In 2016, Paribus was able to save over $40,000 for consumers on baby products.
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