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Panzar Best Free Game for 2018

PANZAR: Forged by Chaos is a unique online action movie with advanced RPG elements and superb graphics, full of continuous battles, unusual characters, deadly magic and brute force. This is a free-to-play project, which means that 

everyone can participate in the game for free. 

At the heart of PANZAR: Forged by Chaos lie the most modern technology. Thanks to the CryEngine engine and the professionalism of PANZAR studio specialists, you will find surprisingly colorful locations, realistic lighting, genuinely living characters - we guarantee an absolute immersion into the cruel but beautiful world of the game.

Players get the opportunity to create their own unique character, choosing one of the eight original classes - and to take part in bright, dynamic team battles on a variety of cards. In the game there are several combat modes: "Domination", "Storm", "Siege of the Fortress". In PANZAR: Forged by Chaos alone does not achieve victory, but the key to success here is the coherence and clarity of the players' actions, their abilities and equipment.

As a result of each battle, the character gets a certain amount of experience points for further development and "pumping", as well as game currency and various resources - they will be very useful in the Shop and Forge, where in the intervals between battles the player can buy, sell, independently manufacture and improve weapons , armor and sorcerous potions.

Experience your valor in bloody battles, team up with your companions, join clans, collect artifacts and move from victory to victory, building up your might and improving your martial art.
Panzar [CPP] RU + 14 countries

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