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Conquer mighty dragons in the vast universe of Dragon Lord Best MMO strategy game Dragon Lord

If you want a game take you to a new world of legends and puzzles Russian world game and in English language has achieved great success during the previous period So you are in the right place All you have to join the game Dragon King Dragon Lord One of the best RPG games and MMO this year
Conquer mighty dragons in the vast universe of Dragon Lord, where orcs, elves, humans and dragons clash on the endless lands! These are disturbing times of chaos and havoc. Lord of the Dark Dragons rules over the continent causing panic and fear among its inhabitants. Build your castle, gather loyal troops and join your allies to bring down the empire using magic and power of the defeated opponents!
  • Fight against orcs, elves and dragons!
  • Hire all kind of heroes to your army, from crafty witches to fire breathing demons!
  • Build a magnificent city that will hold against any threat!
  • Use powerful combinations of magic and skills!
  • Tame sturdy mounts and mighty dragons as they embody powers of Ice, Earth and Fire!
  • Create unique and devastating weapons in the smithy!
  • Create or join a clan and lead your friends and allies to victory in global events!
  • Test your skills against other worthy rulers at the PVP-arena!

Dragon Lord [SOI Esprit] EN + Many GEOs
The studio, which developed the legendary MMO browser game "Demon Slayer", was involved in the creation of this game. In the game Dragon Lord you will find something from the world of DS, and something unique, unique. Curb the mighty dragons in the new dynamic online game Dragon Lord, in which orcs, elves, people and dragons are fighting for dominion on a huge mainland! Game site: https://dragon-lord.ru/game/ Dark times of turmoil and ruin have arrived. The Lord of Dark Dragons rules the continent, bringing terror to civilians! Build the capital of your kingdom, gather a large army, unite with your allies and defeat the empire, using the magic and power of the creatures you defeated! - Fight with orcs, elves and dragons! - Hire experienced heroes in your squad - from catty witch to fire demon! - Build a gorgeous city to the envy of enemies! - Use killer combinations of skills in battles! - Tame horses and dragons - the forces of ice, fire and earth united in mighty creatures! - Create a unique weapon in the forge! - Team up with friends in the clan and participate in large-scale events! - Fight with other players in the PvP arena!
Screenshots (images, photos) for the game Dragon Lord . Unlike video, screenshots can help you see the details lost on the video due to compression. A screenshot is an image from a game, usually obtained by pressing the Print Screen or F12 key. Under the gallery of official screenshots, you can see other thematic images on the game Dragon Lord, which were published in the MMO13 news feed for the entire life of the resource. This could be concept art, photos of cosplayers, fanart and more.

An evil king seeking global domination who appeared from a faraway world. He sought to gain dominion by stealing the Sphere of Light from the humans to bring darkness throughout the land.

What a cool name, huh? I mean, Dragonlord, you have to be awesome if you have -lord in your name. No....?

PS: This review is including the enhancements of Dragonlord. This is not an enhancement review.

In-Game Sprites:

[​IMG] 5*
[​IMG] 6*

Equipment Selection: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

No innate weaknesses | No innate resistances

Trust Master Reward: Domineering Spirit (Materia) - Auto-heal (1800 HP, 1x) per turn

Recover MP (10%) per turn
Increase LB gauge (2) per turn

6* Stats at Lvl. 100:

HP: 3672 (+390) Mag: 149 (+34)

MP: 183 (+65) Def: 120 (+26)

Atk: 138 (+26) Spr: 128 (+26)

6* Limit Burst:

Dark Temptation (Base / 16 LB-Crysts): 5-Hit Magic damage (2.7x) to all enemies

Inflict 5 random status ailments (50%) to all enemies

Dark Temptation (Max / 16 LB-Crysts): 5-Hit Magic damage (3.9x) to all enemies

Inflict 5 random status ailments (74%) to all enemies

The abilities that receive enhancements are BOLD.


Pro #1 for myself: Dragonlord has barely anything to talk about. Best pro by far!

Exam #1 out of 5 done, time for Dragonl0rd's review. What a convenient name. His base stats are great. Dragonlord has very high HP for a mage, while still having high MAG and decent MP/SPR. His base ATK also goes up to a total of 166... TDH Dragonlord inc? I mean, he can equip knuckles. Okay enough of that, I'm sorry.

That's not all there is though. Not only does Dragonlord have a flat 80% MAG and 20% HP, Dragonlord's Guard also gives him a 3x 50% chance to ignore fatal attacks if his HP is above 40%. Once you fully enhanced this, he will also gain a 10% MP refresh AND another 30% HP/MP for a total of 50% HP, high MP with a high innate regen and high MAG. Looks very promising so far.

Oh a bunch of outdated abilities.... yeah, let's talk about them a little bit later.

Wave of Relief isn't even bad. Without any enhancements it's an AoE cure all status ailments. Eh, okay, maybe not that exciting. In this stage it might be interesting if you are clearing Malboro and for some reason didn't prepare your whole team to resist the status ailments. Fully enhanced though it adds a quite decent AoE heal. A 2000 base heal with a 3x modifier isn't like a huge heal, but it's good to have something in your back and while Dragonlord is no healer at all, an emergency heal coupled with all status ailment cure is something that might help you. However, I wouldn't go too crazy for enhancing this one particularly, it's not Dragonlord's main tool.

As weird as it sounds, we already hit his last good ability. And I apologise, but Dragonlord really doesn't have many abilities. I wish I could write more and frankly I feel bad for having such a short pros section. Doesn't feel like one of my reviews at least.

Anyway, ENOUGH of my own rambles, Kafrizzle is where it's at! Starting with a 2000% fire magic finishing move and an 80 MP cost. A very hefty finisher to just have on demand whenever you want. I played around with it a bit and it feels good to blow an enemy back on turn 1 with such enormous power. Dragonlord really got that going for him.

HOWEVER! WE DO NOT STOP HERE. At least that what's (s)he said. No "the office" jokes? Alright.

Once you enhance Kafrizzle it goes up to a whopping 3000% modifier with a 150 MP cost! Which is crazy high as you will see later on. There is a downside to all of this that we'll take a look at in just a second. Since Dragonlord does not have any innate imperils, it'll be a massive damage boost if you can get any external fire imperils.

So how do you use Dragonlord?

He's a very simple unit. Basically all you want him to do is use Kafrizzle +2. With its high damage modifiers and some units that are chaining, you should kill most enemies that aren't resistant to fire either in one or two turns as long as your setup is somewhat decent. Dragonlord is great if you swap him in for 10 man trial kills because he doesn't need much setup, he is great for very short battles, too. And for all of you Lunera users out there, you won't have to worry about his 150 MP cost per use. Simple but effective, that's Dragonlord for you.


Dragonlord is a one dimensional unit and I think most of you already got that point at least. There is not a lot to talk about here, either. But there are a few issues.

Firstly, Dragonlord has a lot of bad and outdated abilities. Every damaging move which is not called Kafrizzle is a bad one. Don't believe me?

Sizzle - 140% modifier

Kafrizz - 180% modifier

Kazam - 220% modifier
Kasizz - 180% modifier
Just don't use these unless you have to finish a "deal dark damage" mission or something like that. Just because Kafrizzle has so much raw power doesn't mean his other abilities have these attributes.

Midheal might be appealing as an emergency heal but not really. It's a somewhat decent heal but it's only ST for one ally. If you actually want to enable emergency heals for Dragonlord, I'd enhance Wave of Relief. Luckily for him, healing crysts are one of the rarely used enhancement crysts. Well, if you can call it actual luck.

Dragonlord's LB has not been talked about yet in this review and it's not hard to understand why. While it has some things going for it, for instance an AoE 5 random status ailments, it's basically all that. A 5-hit 270% to 390% modifier limit burst that barely deals any damage compared to other mediocre units and applies some status ailments isn't even great in the arena BECAUSE it is a limit burst. I would not level it nor would I consider using it in most scenarios.

Dragonlord has no status ailment protection, which makes his Wave of Relief a bit less attractive. If you can cure all status ailments, shouldn't you be at least resisting some of them? Gear obviously fixes that, but it's a bit lame to not have any innate status ailment protection at all.

His kit is boring.

Lastly we got to the point that has been a more controversial point about Dragonlord. In the past days people have been discussing this quite often and here we are:

Kafrizzle +2 costs 150 MP per use. Originally it was 200 MP in the JP version but GL did lower it by quite a bit.

Obviously it is indeed hard to maintain a 150 MP per turn consumption. It is possible with Lunera and Queen (both enhanced), that's not what I want to say. A lot of players will not use these two specific units. Dragonlord post enhancements with a decent build will have around 300-400 MP at least. Which means he can use Kafrizzle +2 twice before he runs out on MP on his own. If you have 400 MP you will also get 80 MP back in these two turns due to his 10% MP refresh. Paired up with a bard of any likes, this means you can probably use another Kafrizzle +2. And trust me when I say this, unless the enemy has a lot of fire resistance or magic resistance, you will not need to use Kafrizzle +2 THREE times to kill an enemy UNLESS you actually don't chain them up. Outside of that the MP cost should be no problem. The only situation where this high MP consumption might actually matter a lot is in Story Events. You do not regenerate MP after each fight.

Yes, it is a big con that Kafrizzle +2 has a 150 MP consumption. But it can be dealt with rather easily or isn't even necessarily bad because it often won't even occur.


Even though Dragonlord has enhancements and a 7* over at the JP side as well, it's hard for me to tell you something about his future. We do not know if they will give him even more adjustments for his 7* or if we will get the same boosts.

If we do, Dragonlord gains an additional 500% modifier on his Kafrizzle for a total of 3500, another 130% MAG for a total of 220% innate MAG passives and the ability to set him up for a turn and then unleash a 4400% Kafrizzle. This will mean that for short fights or easy OTKO setups, he will still be your go to unit because he is just that simple. On demand Dragonlord can unleash super high power.

However, overall in the 7* meta, Dragonlord will be a lot less desireable for most players. He doesn't do anything else and if you have some time to set up, there might even be better magic finishers. His Kafrizzle will still be very powerful.
An issue is balancing him. Very simple kits tend to either be ridiculously strong or just meh. Currently he falls under the former category. A 3000% finisher right off the bat is crazy. Once he starts to fall behind he either needs to become strong to crazy again or just will be a nice to have unit.
Anyway, for what we know we don't know a lot about his future. He might see many changes, he might not. Let's wait together.

Best In Slot:

As usual, a classic mage BiS. Still using Bahamut over Siren 3* because many will skip her. Siren 3* isn't great and not a very "future proof" esper. Also fully enhanced stats. Also here is a build that a reddit user pointed out to almost spam Kafrizzle: http://ffbeequip.lyrgard.fr/links/QTB2px


Dragonlord is bad in the Arena unless you plan on using an LB spam team and still want to depend on status ailments solely. He has no innate status ailment protection, no status ailment infliction outside of his LB, no dualcasting his abilities, just nothing really.

Dragonlord [​IMG] Damage Output

His damage output is as simple as his kit.

Dragonlord [​IMG] V[​IMG] Enhanced Emperor

  • Dragonlord has higher base HP and 20% higher HP passives
  • Dragonlord has an instant 3000% fire move
  • Dragonlord has an emergency heal + cure all status ailments
  • Both have the same base MAG and same MAG passives
  • Both have the same ignore fatal attacks
  • Both are fire finishers
  • Both have 10% MP refresh
  • Emperor has a 250% + 250% (max 2500%) fire move
  • Emperor has an AoE (+ team) 50% SPR break
  • Emperor has a self 200% MAG buff
  • Emperor has a 75% camouflage
  • Emperor has a 50% fire imperil
  • Emperor has status ailment protection

This is one of the very few comparisons where maths mostly do not even matter. Both have the same MAG stats, both are fire finishers.

There is a difference though. Dragonlord instantly has his super strong Kafrizzle move. Emperor has to stack up for 10 turns straight. If you have a 50% fire imperil, not even after 10 turns will Emperor be stronger than Dragonlord. That's his main drawback. Yes, there is the comparison between MP costs and that's somewhat important. Emperor basically uses up 0 MP per turn. Dragonlord effectively is using ~110 MP per turn, which isn't very easy to sustain. But I ASK YOU: is it actually necessary to sustain MP if you deal THAT much damage?

Here, time to look at Emperor's max damage potential excluding SPR breaks.

So, his max damage is slightly higher than Dragonlord's. But it really isn't. This ONLY takes a look at his damage once you went through all the FFB+2 stacking. After you buffed himself. This means you have 12 turns at least where Emperor deals A LOT LOT less damage than Dragonlord. Being 7% higher on one turn (that can be achieved at Turn 12 or even later) while being waaaaaaaay worse on the turns before makes up for all the loss? No. Not at all.

Emperor is the more sustainable option but a lot weaker through the whole fight. Unless the fight lasts for literal ages and you can catch up. Which will pretty much never happen.

Dragonlord wins (almost always).

Dragonlord [​IMG]V[​IMG] Blossom Sage Sakura

  • Dragonlord has higher HP base and 30% higher HP passives
  • Dragonlord has an instant 3000% fire move
  • Dragonlord has an emergency heal + AoE cure all status ailments
  • Dragonlord has ignore fatal attacks
  • Dragonlord has 10% MP refresh
  • Blossom Sage Sakura has higher base MAG
  • Blossom Sage Sakura has a stack up thunder move
  • Blossom Sage Sakura can dualcast most of her moves
  • Blossom Sage Sakura has some good supportive aspects
  • Blossom Sage Sakura can proc a 100% thunder imperil through counters
  • Blossom Sage Sakura has status ailment protection
  • Blossom Sage Sakura has a 50% thunder imperil

Similar to the Emperor comparison, this will be quite the task for BS Sakura to keep up in damage. But before we are taking a look at that, let's just enjoy BS Sakura's kit. She actually does more than only deal damage like Dragonlord and Emperor do. She has some good support moves. They might not be the best but they can be very handy. For instance the AoE 30 MP per turn or all status ailment protection for all party members.

These can be quite handy, but how does she fare damage wise?

These comparisons are a bit weird because the fight won't last that long anyway if you deal that much damage. However, even though BS Sakura with max stacks and a thunder imperil deals slightly more damage than Dragonlord, her average damage is still below him. Pretty much due to the fact that she has to re-apply the thunder imperil. The difference isn't high, but within the first 6~8 turns you will notice a huge difference, especially in the early turns.

Dragonlord wins (almost always).

Trust Master Reward: 

This is 1:1 the same TMR that Ayaka has. It's a decent one, mostly for support units though. Overall it's not too bad, but it isn't a high priority TMR either. If you don't use bards or any MP batteries, this TMR becomes a lot lot better due to the 10% MP refresh. For Dragonlord himself it isn't that good right now because MAG > MP refresh. Auto LB on Dragonlord is horrible.

Farm it if you want it and / or want to prepare for his 7*.


Dragonlord is a massive magic finisher.

That's all. Whaaaaaaat? You want more?

These assumptions all apply once you fully enhanced his Kafrizzle, which shouldn't be too hard anyway. However, let me get this out of the way: If you feel uncomfortable enhancing him because you just recently enhanced Emperor or just obtained BS Sakura: don't enhance him then. It's that easy.
However, if you feel like having a powerhouse on demand on any turn to blow away whatever stands in your way... unless they are resistant to fire... Dragonl0rd
I can only recommend enhancing him if you want a strong finisher. I don't like comparing physical finishers to magic finishers, but Ang's LB damage is still miles ahead. Just to get this discussion out of the way.
For what he is and what he is supposed to do, deal tons of damage, he does his job perfectly. But his kit is just.... boring. After all, he's the Dragonl0rd!

Character Design: 3/10

Sprite: 8/10

Finisher: 9.5/10

Trust Master Reward: 8/10
Arena: 1/10
Limit Burst: 3/10
Future Proof: ?/10
Free 2 Play: 8.5/10
Pay 2 Play: 9.5/10
Personal Rating: 9.5/10
Optimal Rating: 9.5/10

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