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Four intriguing and adventurous games of 2018 Games are a central tool that almost everyone plays

Four intriguing and adventurous games of 

Games are a central tool that almost everyone plays whether it be board games, casual games or even video games. Over the years, online gaming has become one of the most popular portals where games lovers spend their time. This is as a result of the vast catalog of games as well as the opportunity to gain new experiences by even playing with other game enthusiasts from other parts of the world.  
But as you play or venture to play, what are some of the most popular and intriguing games to go for? We have compiled a list of the top 4 you can try. Here they are:  
God of War 
God of War games is an action-adventure genre game that allows you the option of having a close to “real-world” war experience. It enables you to customize your gaming experience and provides a combat-style fighting atmosphere. 
The game features a single-handed fight experience of a man, a boy, and an ax. It details the adventure of a man and his son, being sent on a mission in Norse mythology to battle the enemies and negative forces set to destroy good. If you are seeking a thrilling, out of the ordinary adventure experience, then God of War is the ultimate choice.  
Jurassic World: Evolution 
Are you an avid Jurassic Park fan? Then this game is a perfect choice. It provides the experience of creating your own dino habitat to house your fighters who will be tasked to rid the island of unwanted elements. 
It is an endless world of adventure and entertainment that give you the chance to “build your own dinosaurs” from DNA samples (you can research for the best options to choose). 
The Swords of Ditto 
This game is a replica of “The Legend of Zelda” portrayed in a cartoon graphics format. It provides the experience of being a superhero that gets the chance to protect your surroundings from looters and other negative elements. The theme provides a dungeon scene that allows for deeper concentration and wild adventures.  
Monster Hunter: World  
Are you afraid of monsters so much you would do anything to get rid of them? Or are you so intrigued with killing monsters on your trail just for fun? Well, Monster Hunter: World is the game for you. It provides an experience of having you face the world of large creatures that you must defeat in order to stay alive! 
In every victory you gain, you retrieve materials they lost that you can use to build more powerful weapons to fight more advanced creatures as you go along. The game also features time-essential quests that you can win amazing rewards when completed. 

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