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What Do You know About Bitcoin ?In an era where technology, technical science and the proliferation of electronic banks have spread

What Do You know About Bitcoin ؟؟

In an era where technology, technical science and the proliferation of electronic banks have spread
And may be the Bank of the PAYZA- paypal - perfect money and other electronic banks
Which has affected the national economy and the world economy in technical transactions characterized by development and speed
The electronic banks remained in control of transactions through the Internet until it came on January 3, 2009, where the emergence of a fake currency has no basis not subject to any financial control,
A coin is encrypted in a cryptographic manner that prevents the trait of the trace and the coin finder or its maker, so to speak, called Satoshi Nkamoto. Some say that he is a person or a group of unknown persons. Most of what is said to be or is of non-Japanese origin lives in America. All this is speculation because no one Know who he is or who these anonymous people are !!!
An Australian person appeared
Craig Wright
He claimed that he was Satoshi Nkamutoa but of course he is not according to most of the suspicions
This fake currency is traded online without any trace of any effect from either the sender or receiver as you can not control it
The currency is widely traded across the world and is widely accepted and has the advantage of high encryption that is difficult to track or steal
The accounts of the owners in case they linked to e - mail and mobile phone and perhaps one of the most important portfolios of Betquin
?Where can I get the currency
Currency is mined and this is a new term has not been called any currency before where mining the currency in a mine and using a computer with a certain capacity and there is mining using the cards screen and of course, most people say that the price of the mining device is worth 60 thousand g At the very least
So you can extract the currency and circulation and as we said it is a virtual currency and has no physical presence
The gravity of the currency of the Bitcoin lies in its secret, since it is encoded in a way that is difficult to follow, so if we assume that one of the countries is Satoshi Nakamoto, that is, Satoshi is a state and not an individual. Therefore, this country will control the currency price
The currency of Bitcoin in its secret and encryption may open the door to facilitate suspicious transactions and the dark Internet where money is exchanged among its owners in complete confidentiality without tracking from the basic financial system. So there are challenges regarding electronic currencies and their impact on economies,
The currency is on its way up to the $ 7000 barrier
The currency of the Betquin is not the only currency traded, but there are other currencies similar, although the most powerful and visible exchange in our time
Will the banking or financial system accept the work of the housekeeper or will the transaction remain only the main transaction on the Internet transactions because of its ease and ease of dealing?
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